Juliana is a graphic designer and illustrator. She received her BFA in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and has worked as a jr. graphic designer for PAPER Magazine. Juliana has experience in print and publication design, and is especially interested in using design as a means of experimentation. 

Designer Humans

CRISPR is a genetic engineering tool that allows parts of a genome to be edited by removing, adding or altering sections of the DNA sequence. It is currently the most versatile and precise method of genetic manipulation. Because of this, it has caused an incredible amount of controversy on how and when it should be used, what calls for a DNA alteration, and how or if it should be regulated. This fictitious symposium aims to create a discussion about all of these topics, weighing both the pros and cons of permanent gene editing.

Each poster is designed to work individually and together as a triptych.

Format: 24x36 inches each

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