Juliana is a graphic designer, illustrator, and amateur ceramicist who believes design should be used as a means of bettering people’s lives. Currently @ Vox Media for makeup.com + skincare.com, previously @ PAPER Magazine and Urlazh NY. 

Consider The Ravens
Senior Thesis

Whether one is religious or not, human ecology is deeply conditioned by Christian morals and values. Certain lines in the Bible places humans as the most important entity in the universe, known as anthropocentrism. These lines have been the foundation of our reasoning for taking advantage of the earth, but it is a misinterpretation that will have dangerous consequences. If God created man in his image, then this provides us with a higher degree of intelligence – but it is not one that deems us superior. Instead, it presents us with an immense responsibility of caring for all life on earth, which we have neglected to fulfill.

Format: Book - 7x10 inches, 68 pages
              Wall piece - 24x36 inches

Select spreads. Full publication available upon request.

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